Simple writing advice on hands

Mar 29, 2013

I love this idea. The Passive Voice blog shared this great idea from Shared Worlds. Shared Worlds asked some of speculative fiction’s finest artists, editors and writers to write advice on their own hands and send in a picture. Very simple and effective! One of them is this great picture from Neil Gaiman and I just had to have it for my blog:


I also have to share this one from Patrick Rothfuss:


And this one from Lev Grossman:


Seriously, on three hands right there is pretty much all you need to remember. And you’ll notice there’s some overlap. After that, it’s all about polishing, getting it critiqued, taking that advice, rewriting and pushing on. But none of that happens unless you do what it says above.

Now go and read the advice on the hands of all the other awesome people they included. Because, honestly, it’s all brilliant stuff, and all very valuable after you’ve done those things above.


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