Strange things happen in The Gulp. The residents have grown used to it.

The isolated Australian harbour town of Gulpepper is not like other places. Some maps don’t even show it. And only outsiders use the full name. Everyone who lives there calls it The Gulp. The place has a habit of swallowing people.

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If you’re a fan of one town horror anthologies with a best of 80s vibe (like anything from Castle Rock or Josh Malerman’s Goblin) then you really should get yourself some ‘Tales from the Gulp‘ by Alan Baxter.” – Sarah Pinborough, bestselling author of BEHIND HER EYES

“…filled with relentless tension.” – Hellnotes

“As soon as the creepiness starts, it mounts and mounts like a screechy fucking violin at the back of your head. It’s unsettling enough that I can generally do only half an hour or so at a time. But that’s more than enough to get lost in the Gulp.” – John Birmingham, author of HE DIED WITH A FALAFEL IN HIS HAND

“A gifted horror writer pulls terror out of the everyday. Alan Baxter is one such author, and this collection is a masterly concoction.” – Clare Rhoden in Aurealis Magazine

“Baxter’s book is a clinic on how to tell a tale of horror. The Gulp is hopefully only the first of many books by Baxter about this town and its people. He has a wonderful creation here that can only grow and leave even more of a mark on the world of horror. Baxter builds a unique and intricate history of his world that is wonderful, horrifying, deep, and unique. I can’t wait for you all to read it! …order a copy for yourself and visit the town of Gulpepper…hopefully you survive the trip.” – Grimm Deathwish at Horror Fuel

“Alan Baxter has created a stunning collection of small town horror that perfectly blends tones and themes of The Twilight Zone, Stranger Things, Castle Rock, The X-Files and Twin Peaks – in an Irresistible concoction of the weird and macabre, small town horror has never had it so good… An arrestingly brilliant collection of horror that bewitches its reader and pollutes the mind with Baxter’s mastery of horror in all its dark shades, whatever you do this year, makes sure you take a trip to The Gulp!” – Ross Jeffery at Storgy Magazine

“This is a cleverly plotted and exceptionally well-executed five-sectioned novel where the finale of the last story brings everything into perspective… you are left without a doubt that you are reading not just an Alan Baxter novel, but an Alan Baxter novel that is firing on all cylinders… a masterclass in plotting and structure… The Gulp delivers on all fronts.” – Jim McLeod at Ginger Nuts of Horror 

“Baxter has taken that sense of calm and used it against the reader, to great effect. The Gulp has a habit of swallowing people. It feels like Baxter has crafted the literary equivalent of a Venus flytrap and, by the time we feel the descent towards our own doom, the trap is already closing…” – Thomas Joyce at This Is Horror

“In the end, these are addictive stories of abiding darkness that won’t come out in the wash. The pages turn themselves and the images within those pages return to haunt your dreams.” – The Bibliothecar at The Miskatonic Review

“Author Alan Baxter gives a freaky tour of the town Gulpepper, where it is rumored the dead out number the living. His eerie concepts and creepy style of writing result in an uneasy fearful sensation…” – Horror Bookworm Reviews

“Welcome to The Gulp, a town of eldritch terrors, disturbing mysteries, and pulpy horror at its absolute best. Vividly created and authentically Aussie, these novellas are delicious fun for fans of the genre. Prepare to revel in them, but beware… they will creep into your dreams.” – Joanne Anderton, award-winning author of The Bone Chime Song & Other Stories

The Gulp kept me turning the pages fast and furious… As with all of Baxter’s work, we get a perfect mix of crime thriller and straight up horror. He is able to mix those two genres seamlessly and create an environment where absolutely nothing seems out of the realm of possibility. Anything can and does happen… You honestly can’t go wrong with The Gulp. It’s a perfect combination of stories that blurs the line between separate stories and a single novel told through many different points of view. Baxter will keep you guessing from the first page until the last and leave you wanting to read more about Gulpepper.” – Joe Scipione at Horror Bound

“Fancy some Eldritch nightmares? Then look no further. The Gulp is the perfect combination of weird, brutal and creepy.” – Tammy at Books, Bones & Buffy

“Alan Baxter has found his Castle Rock. Baxter has time and time again released highwater releases, so to see him elevate his game to yet another level was truly stunning and made me smile. This is a collection with no weak links, no dip in quality or storytelling and with the familiarity of each character and the town itself, one that will surely become a classic release… Baxter has set the bar high in the past, but he easily surpassed it and more. Solid storytelling, real characters and a setting both beautiful and depraved. Baxter hits the ground running here and never lets us get off the thrill ride. We’re all the better for it.” – Steve Stred at Kendall Reviews

“Great structure … recurring characters and locations … a bigger picture that is as mesmerizing as it is confusing … wonderfully weird and dangerous. The Gulp is obviously the start of something glorious!” – Aiden Merchant

“Never thought I’d say the following, but I’ve been introduced to a Derry down under. Gulpepper, otherwise known to its denizens as The Gulp, is that place… Highly recommended.” – Patrick McDonough at Dead Headspace

“I loved these five pieces of a bigger picture of The Gulp a genre contortionist like Alan Baxter carefully crafted. There will be violence and profanities involved along with actions that move to the darker realms of human interactions. Unfamiliar ones await. Stay home. Don’t visit the Gulp.” – Lou Pendergrast at More 2 Read

“Baxter weaves through different tropes and sub-genres to paint a picture of just how messed up this place is. I, for one, hope I get to visit again.” Brennan LaFaro at Dead Headspace

“I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book and was sad to see it end. In creating The Gulp, Baxter has created his own playland mash up of Innsmouth and Castle Rock. There are so many more big background stories to be told and so many more inhabitants to learn about. I hope we get to visit The Gulp again soon.” – Brandi the Bibliophile

“This book absolutely delivers the scares and the uncanny… The body horror and sharp violence made me shiver! I didn’t know where the next danger would come from. The relationships and slices of humour make the characters feel relatable… I’m dying to know more! I really hope there are more stories from the Gulp because I have a feeling this is only just the beginning. The Gulp is a solid collection of horror stories filled with visceral, haunting images and a compelling cast of characters. You don’t want to miss it!” – Aina at Read By Dusk

“Baxter has a way with words. He builds up the tension, layer by layer, until it has you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails… Add to that the format, novellas that as a whole tell a bigger story, and Baxter brings you something incredible. A book that leaves you satisfied but also hoping he is currently writing the next book… I highly recommend this fantastic, very Australian story… the characters are dynamic and the overall story arc will have you turning the pages, possibly smashing through it in one sitting. Like always Baxter doesn’t pull any punches, he takes the story exactly were it needs to go.” – Maxine at Maxine’s Obsessions