Golden Fortune, Dragon Jade

The Jade Dragon protected Long-En for centuries – until it was taken.

When the Jade Dragon is stolen from the temple in the quiet village of Long-En, the locals are stunned. The very idea of such a theft is unimaginable. And without the protection of the powerful icon, what awful fate might befall the peaceful hamlet?

Two young cousins, Li Yong Fa, a martial monk recently returned from years of training at the Shaolin Temple, and Li Zi Yi, a potent geomancer, team up to track down the thief, recover the priceless statue, and return it safely to Long-En. Little do they know how far afield they will be taken, and what dangers they will face in strange and inhospitable lands, before they even get close to their goal.

This is a short historical fantasy novella, originally published in the And Then..? anthology from Clan Destine Press. This is a slightly expanded standalone edition, available in ebook and paperback.

Paperback ISBN: 9780980578270
Ebook ISBN: 9781393145585


“I read this novella in one sitting it was brilliant! Carefully plotted and clever world building… I enjoyed the mystery we meet right from the beginning as well as the strong characters that carry this story. The martial arts element of the story was unique but also very insightful as I could tell the author had experience with the martial arts… So easy to get engrossed in this story and I enjoyed how we start from one part of the world and end up in another – a perilous journey to retrieve something very sacred.” – Read3r’z Re-Vu