SALLOW BEND now in audio

Feb 3, 2023

It can be tough to get audiobooks of new work when you don’t have a huge marketing machine behind you, as good narration isn’t cheap and cheap narration isn’t good. So I was very happy when Crossroad Press offered to organise an audiobook of Sallow Bend. Published in print and ebook by Cemetery Dance, the book has been really well-received, so to pick up an audio deal was great news. They asked who I might like to narrate it. One of my favourite readers lately is Joe Hempel and, not expecting him to agree, I put Joe’s name forward. I was super-excited when he said yes.

I’ve just finished listening to his narration of the book and it’s so good. I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s available now via Audible if that’s your thing, and I’d love it if you gave it a listen.

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