Content Warnings

Some people have a traumatic reaction to certain content in fiction. This page is for those people. If you’re not one of those people or you want an entirely spoiler-free read of my work, you can ignore this page entirely. Otherwise, check the list below. Any books listed beside a content warning that might be a trigger for you are best avoided. This list certainly isn’t exhaustive of potential content and I may have missed something in my work that would fall under a certain content warning, for which I apologise. I’ve done my best to cover everything here, and I’ll update it whenever necessary. If you notice content in my work worthy of a warning and it’s not listed here, please let me know – my email is on the Contact page. If you’re uncertain about what content/trigger warnings are, or you’re interested to know why I decided to create this page, I wrote a post on the subject here.

Abusive relationship – The Gulp, The Fall, Hidden City, Blood Covenant
Alcoholism – stories in Crow Shine and Served Cold, Sallow Bend
Animal abuse
Animal death – Primordial, Overlord, Crocalypse
Attempted rape
Blood – most of my stuff has blood to some degree
Bullying – stories in Crow Shine and Served Cold
Cancer – stories in Crow Shine and Served Cold, Devouring Dark
Cheating – The Book Club
Child abuse – Bound, The Gulp, Sallow Bend
Child death – Bound, Manifest Recall, Devouring Dark, Sallow Bend
Childbirth – MageSign
Cults – MageSign, the Jake Crowley books
Decapitation – Abduction, The Roo
Demons – RealmShift, MageSign
Drugs – as my work crosses frequently with crime, it also frequently features drugs, both recreational and more sinister
Eating disorder
Emotional abuse
Gore – most of my work has varying degrees of gore and body horror, sometimes very subtle, occasionally extensive
Gun violence – Manifest Recall, Recall Night, Hidden City, stories in Served Cold and Crow Shine, The Fall, Blood Covenant
Incest – The Gulp
Kidnapping – Manifest Recall, The Gulp, The Leaves Forget, Blood Covenant
Murder – most of my work has varying types of killing, often murder
Needles – RealmShift
Occult – The Jake Crowley books, Dark Rite, Alex Caine Series, The Book Club, Recall Night, stories in Crow Shine and Served Cold, The Gulp, The Fall, Sallow Bend
Police brutality – Devouring Dark, Manifest Recall, Recall Night
Profanity – Everything I’ve ever written, more or less…
Prostitution – RealmShift
Racism – there’s a racist character in RealmShift, and one in Manifest Recall/Recall Night/Ghost Recall
Rape – RealmShift, Sallow Bend (off-page)
Self-harm – the story “Served Cold” in Served Cold
Sexual assault – RealmShift, Bound
Sexually explicit scenes – Bound
Suicide – stories in Crow Shine and Served Cold, Obsidian, The Fall, Sallow Bend
Terminal illness – Devouring Dark
Torture – The Gulp, Obsidian, Abduction