Write the Fight Right coming to Canberra

Jul 12, 2013

My workshop all about writing effective fight and action scenes is coming to the ACT Writers’ Centre in Canberra. This is the full day (10am-4pm) version of the workshop, so we get to talk a lot more in depth about stuff and do a little bit of writing too. Here’s the blurb:

This is a workshop designed to look at the things which make a fight scene in a story read as realistically as possible, while maintaining excitement and pace. By looking at the various factors that go into a real fight, paying attention to the things we train for when we learn to fight, we can write fight scenes that stay exciting without breaking the rules of realism that shatter believability. Throughout the workshop, other forms of written action will be addressed under the same parametres.

This is a workshop of great benefit to anyone who wants to write well-paced, accurate, exciting action scenes, especially fight scenes. Attendees should come away with a far greater understanding of what defines a well-written fight/action scene, plus tools to continue to develop their writing in this area.

It’s happening on Sunday August 4th, from 10am. All the details and forms for booking a place here.

See you there!


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