Thrillercast episode 81 – Flawed protagonists

Jul 31, 2013

I used to post here every time a new episode of Thrillercast went up, but I’ve been a bit slack on that front lately. For anyone late to the party, Thrillercast is a podcast hosted by myself and fellow Gryphonwood author, David Wood. It’s a podcast all about thrillers and genre fiction and we talk about the writing craft, publishing news, our own writing paths and general thriller and genre stuff. Basically we crap on for between thirty minutes to an hour every couple of weeks or so. But we can sometimes be quite interesting.

The latest ep is out there now. Me and Dave talk about flawed protagonists. After all, aren’t we all the flawed protagonist in our own life story? (Shit. I wish I’d thought of saying that during the actual podcast.) Following our chat there’s a recording from a recent con Dave attended, a panel discussion on the topic “Is Your Hero’s Flaw Non-Fatal?”

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