SERVED COLD published in Taiwan

Sep 29, 2023

This is very exciting news! Served Cold is being translated and published in Taiwan! It comes out there next month (November 2023) with this sweet cover. Huge thanks to Alex Adsett for scoring this deal, along with Greyhawk Agency 光磊國際版權公司 and Global Group Publishers. Now I can add Taiwanese to French, Spanish, German, and Japanese for translations of my stuff.

Also, big thanks to Edward Lipsett for this: “That’s an outstanding translation of the title. It uses the meaning of cold that includes an emotionless coldness, rather than just cold temperature, and it incorporates the meaning of revenge, which isn’t in the actual words of your title at all, but clearly contained in the peripheral meaning. To translate it back, maybe something like stone-cold revenge might be close.” I think that’s truly awesome. Maybe one day I’ll get to visit Taiwan and see the book on shelves there.

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