Ellen Datlow Recommendations for Best Horror #14 – long list

Nov 28, 2022

Ellen Datlow is the premier horror short fiction editor these days, and every year she publishes Best Horror of the Year. Volume 14 is due out any day now. It’s always a stellar anthology and I look forward to it every year – it’s a real bucket list item for me to get a story in there one year. But also every year, she releases her long list of recommended stories and she’s just dropped the latest one. I’m thrilled to have three stories on that list:

“Out On a Rim” & “48 To Go” from The Gulp, and
“Come His Children” from Cthulhu Deep Down Under Vol 3

Check out the list, as it not only showcases an amazing bunch of authors, but also a bunch of books and magazines that might not have shown up on your radar before. Linked below is the first post – it’s alphabetical and subsequent posts list more recommendations:


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