A Star Has Died – Brand new short story

May 18, 2020

A little while ago I was approached to write a short story for an anthology called “Side Quests”. It was a cool concept, with all the contributing authors writing stories featuring characters from their existing series. I thought it was a great opportunity to write a Silhouette story. Silhouette, from The Alex Caine Series, is a character I love to write, and I get loads of feedback from people saying how much they like her. I want to write more of her story, and will hopefully get around to that, but in the meantime, there’s this one.

Sadly, “Side Quests” fell through, but the story is still there. So I’ve published it on my Curious Fictions page here. This is a brand new, previously unpublished short story. I could have gone through the usual submissions process and seen if a magazine wanted to buy it, but the original anthology paid a small kill fee and it’s a bit of a niche yarn. While it certainly stands alone and will make sense whether you’ve read Alex Caine or not, it’s also part of that larger universe, so it seems fair to publish it for free. Of course, if you do enjoy it and feel like tossing a coin to the writer, you can either subscribe to my Curious Fictions page, or shout me a virtual coffee here.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Please do spread the link around and it’ll hopefully entertain lots of readers. Stay safe, everyone.


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